Things to Do During Lockdown – James Veitch Shares Some Fantastic Ideas for You

The COVID-19 outbreak has made one thing quite evident – stay home or face the virus! With lockdowns declared globally to prevent the spread of the virus, people literally locked themselves in their homes, not knowing what to do next. 24 hours at home!! Mostly doing nothing.  

While a small section of people was working remotely, others were busy washing, cleaning, cooking, watching movies, liking posts on Facebook or Instagram, lying idle on the couch and the list continues… 

Are you grinning?  Admit it! This was the lockdown scenario in most houses. For James Veitch too.

The famous English comedian who is known for his excellent sense of humour and hilarious punchlines was forced to stay idle at home during the lockdown. So, he thought of sharing ideas on “Things to Do during Lockdown.” This 6-minutes  James Veitch YouTube  video will make you split your sides laughing as you see how  James Veitch  spent his time during the lockdown. 

Many of the ideas he shared in this video are funny and non-productive but that’s what most of us were doing during the lockdown, right? It was like spending hours doing gibberish or nothing. And that’s what he presented in this video. For instance, it started with  James Veitch  creating an “aesthetically pleasing line of tonic waters in the fridge.” And yes, two important things he did during the lockdown were opening up the window to feel the fresh air and taking his chewable Vitamin C tablets! That’s something nice. 

To have some more ideas on things to do during the lockdown, he even read the letters of John Keats to know what he did during the 1817’s cholera pandemic. Well, that’s hilarious!  James Veitch  also tried in hands in baking but in vain it seems. But interestingly, he also composed a song inspired by a recent event, i.e., a solitary olive. And to be honest, he did compose and sing the song quite well. Now we know why he has a Spotify artist account. 

But as life seemed more miserable with each passing day amid a lockdown,  James Veitch  pursued newer hobbies like playing “Animal Crossing” and trying to create Bob Dylan’s impression. He became so much obsessed with Bob Dylan that he even staged a performance in his living room. However, his panic for the pandemic seemed to worsen as he was found eating Vitamin C tablets four times in just half an hour. But that’s his typical sense of humour. 

And once  James Veitch  had an overdose of Bob Dylan, he switched to Elton John style. At the end of the video, he also gave some nice ideas to get through the lockdown phase, like reading his book Dot Con: The Art of Scamming a Scammer or playing with his newly invented card game – Lockdown: The Game.

Spending days inside the home during lockdown has been tough for many. However, to defeat the virus in this battle and make the world a safe place to live in, it is crucial to stay home, stay safe and find new things to do during the lockdown.